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Individual consulting and workshop about multilingual education for parents

Do you live in a multilingual relationship or surroundings and wish your child to have a good command of all the important languages of his/her life? With my support you will be able to help your child in the long term to achieve exactly this. Through theoretical frameworks and practical examples, you will learn to structure the multilingual education of your child in the most effective way, beginning from birth onwards.


We also offer these services for companies with international employees!

Workshop"I am educating my child in a multilingual way"

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Main topics:

  • Language acquisition in simultaneous bilingual children
  • Know-how for structuring the multilingual education of your child
  • Language creates identity and emotions
  • Challenges and problems in multilingual families
  • Possibilities in the Austrian education system for bilinguals


The workshop is held in English. Babies are welcome.

Venue: Therapiezentrum Gersthof, Klostergasse 31-33, 1180 Wien.

Workshop fees: € 59 p.p., or € 109 if you come as a couple or with a friend

To sign up please send me an E-Mail or call me: z.ortega@linguamulti.at or +436769669775.

Individual consulting

At the individual consulting session we will discuss all your questions, expectations and fears about multilingual education of your child/your children. After carefully considering your family language situation, we will find together which are the best solutions and approaches for raising your child/your children successfully in a multilingual way!


You are not a resident of Vienna, but you would like to use the individual consulting for parents at Linguamulti. Not a problem, we can do this via Skype. Read more


Next step:

Please get in touch with me to arrange an appointment: z.ortega@linguamulti.at or +436769669775.

The consulting session can be held in a language of your choice:  German, English, Spanish, Bulgarian or Portuguese

Cost: € 99 (50 Min), € 140 (90 Min)

About me

Zwetelina Ortega is a linguist, author, expert on multilingualism, and mother. She is a lecturer at the Department of Romance Studies at the University of Vienna. As managing director of the Association "Business for Integration" she developed a multilingual speech contest "Sag's multi!". She is the founder of the consulting centre Linguamulti which provides consulting and workshops for multilingual education for parents, nurserie and primary schools. Ortega was raised trilingual with Bulgarian, Spanish, and German. In these three languages she also educates her own children.

Read our article about the role of the German-speaking parent in the development of a child’s other language: "Russian Terms of Endearment and Funny Slovenian".


Mag.a Zwetelina Ortega


+43 6769669775

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