Wir lieben alle Sprachen
Wir lieben alle Sprachen

Employees as parents

Do you employ people with international backgrounds or expats? For your employees, using different language to the one spoken in the country they are living and working in, this may present a significant challenge. For the parents among them, the most important question usually is the one on how to raise their child or children in multilingual surroundings.


You could help the employees and provide guidance regarding multilingual education of their children with a lecture or workshop on the topic and offer them professional support from Linguamulti, the specialist in multilingual education.

Multlingual education - How to Succeed

Parents who live in a multilingual relationship or surroundings usually want their children to have good command of all the important languages in their life. With the support and guidance from Linguamulti they will be able to help their child to achieve exactly this. Based on theoretical framework and practical examples, parents will learn how to structure the multilingual education of their child in the most effective way, beginning from birth onwards.


The lecture entitled “Multilingual education – How to Succeed” will give an overview of the most important aspects of raising bilingual children, a flavour of the fascinating field of child’s development and important information on the following topics:

  • Language acquisition in bilingual children
  • Hints to support children in their language acquisition in daily life
  • Linguistic challenges and solutions at multilingual families

Raising up a Multilingual Child – How to Succeed

If parents feel that they would like to know more details and achieve deeper understanding of the topic of multilingual education, they will find the opportunity at the workshop “Raising up a Multilingual Child – How to Succeed”. Parents will get more specific details during the workshop and practical exercises focused on:


  • Know-how for structuring the multilingual education of your child
  • Possibilities in the Austrian education system for bilinguals
  • Metalinguistic awareness
  • Mixing and switching between languages – why do bilingual children do it and hints how to deal with this
  • How does the fact that your child grows up with more than one language influences his/her emotional development and the development of their identity?  
  • Learning how to read and to write in several languages


Parents will get answers to further questions about multilingual education especially when living abroad.

Here you can download the concept of the lecture and the workshop
Raising up a Multilingual Child – How to[...]
PDF-Dokument [170.5 KB]

Costs and duration:

Lecture: € 420

Half day workshop: € 600

Full-day workshop: € 1100

(The price does not include travelling and accommodation expanses.)


To book a workshop or lecture please contact us: z.ortega@linguamulti.at or

+43 6769669775


Mag.a Zwetelina Ortega


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